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Ahrefs provides tools to grow search traffic, analyze your competitors and monitor your niche.


Developer: Dmitry Gerasimenko
Market Presence: 2011
Available as: Website
Website: ahrefs.com

Specific Features:

Annual billing $832/mo
Users 5
Projects 100
Tracked keywords 10000
Update frequency Every 3 days
Locations per website Unlimited
Projects 100
Crawl limit, pages per month 2.5 million
Data retention 12 months
JavaScript rendering Present
Live index Present
Recent index Present
Historical index Present
Domains per day 1000
URLs per day 5000
Rows per report 100000
Rows per month 25 million
Export, rows per report 10 million
Export, rows per month 500 million
Link intersect, rows per report 100000
Keyword positions Top 100
Export, rows per report 100000
Export, rows per month 50 million
Competing pages / domains Top 50
Content gap, rows per report 100K
Top pages / subfolders / subdomains, rows per report 20000
Reports per day 2500
Rows per report 25000
Export, rows per month 5 million
History graphs 30 days, 6 months, 3 years
Trend graphs All results
Broken pages Present
Reports per day 1000
Batch analysis, keywords 10000
Keywords lists 250
SERP updates per month 20000
Rows per report 100000
Rows per month 5 million
Export, rows per month 2 million
“Newly discovered” keywords All
SERP position history Full history
New/Lost backlinks 100
Monthly Present
Weekly Present
Daily Present
Web mentions 100
Weekly Present
Daily Present
Keyword movements 100
Monthly Present
Weekly Present
Daily Present
Batch analysis, rows 1 million
Integrations, rows 5 million
Domain comparison Present
Youtube Keyword Tool Present



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  1. Team Cybrotic

    Ahrefs Site Explorer is great for backlink or content analysis and provides comprehensive overviews for the same. But its keyword tracking feature lacks efficiency when compared to other tools.

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